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Pharmaceutical Immobilized Enzyme(粉末)
Product Name Application
Cephalosporin C acylase AMG118 7-ACA production from CPC
Amoxicillin acylace AMK218 Amoxicillin production from 6-APA and HPGM
Cefphalexin acylase AMK318 Cephalexin production from 7-ADCA and PGM
Cefaclor acylase AMK328 Cefaclor production from PGM and 7-ACCA
Cefprozil acylase AMK418 Cefprozil production from 7-APRA and HPGM
Cefradine acylase AMK518 Cefradine production from 7-ADCA and DHME
Cefadroxil acylase AMK618 Cefadroxil production from 7-ADCA and HPGM
Cefazolin acylase AMK718 Cefazolin production from TDA and TzAAMe
Cefotiam acylase AMK818 Cefotiam production from ATAA and 7-DMTA
Cephalosporin C or 7-ACA esterase AMK-EX D-CPC production from CPC
D-7-ACA production from 7-ACA
Penicillin G acylase AMK-GX 6-APA production from Penicillin G
7-ADCA from Cephalosporin G
7-ACCA and 7-AVCA production
Patents : CN103937764B, KR10-1728906, KR10-1677755, CN201810254795.7
Compound K-Synthesizing Enzyme(液态)
Product Name Application
Gensenosidase CKzyme Production of compound K from protopanaxadiol (PPT)
gensenosides (Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd, etc)
Patents : KR10-1855280
Food Processing and Feed Enzyme
Product Name Application
Endo-& Exo-Chitinase(液态) Chimax-N Chitin hydrolaysis, Production of NAG(N-acetyl glucosamine)
Endo-Chitosanase(液态) Chimax-O Chitosan hydrolysis, Production of chitosan oilgosaccharide
Endo-& Exo-Chitosanase(液态) Chimax-G Chitosan hydrolysis, Production of glucosamine from chitosan
Protease(粉末) Pearlzyme Feed additive for domestic livestock(cow, pig, chicken)
Patents : KR10-0523528, KR10-0488813, KR10-0664582, KR10-0834518
Immobilized Lipases with High Durability(粉末)
Product Name Application
Immobilized Lipases CalB-10X Food, Biodiesel, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries
CalB-10X(Candida Antarctica Lipase B)
Cal-B-10Xup(Upgraded CalB-10X)
TL-10X(Thermomyces lanuginosus Lipase)
Patents : KR10-1855280

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